My 600-Lb. Life “Ashley B’s Story Part 1” S12 May 15 2024 on TLC

On Wednesday May 15 2024, TLC broadcasts an episode of the series My 600-Lb. Life!

Ashley B’s Story Part 1 Season 12 Episode Summary

In this episode of “My 600-Lb. Life” titled “Ashley B’s Story Part 1,” airing on TLC, viewers are introduced to Ashley, who faces the daunting challenge of weighing 600 lbs. Due to her weight and health concerns, Ashley has had to move back home so her mother can assist in caring for her and her newborn daughter.

As Ashley navigates through a lifetime’s worth of unfortunate circumstances, she embarks on a journey to seek help from Dr. Now in Houston. Determined to find a way to go on living and improve her quality of life, Ashley confronts her struggles head-on and begins the difficult process of transformation.

Join TLC for “Ashley B’s Story Part 1” on “My 600-Lb. Life” for an episode filled with raw emotion, inspiring moments, and the unwavering determination to overcome adversity. Don’t miss this compelling installment as Ashley embarks on a journey of self-discovery and transformation with the support of her loved ones and medical professionals.

What Time is the “Ashley B’s Story Part 1” Episode On?

The Ashley B’s Story Part 1 episode of My 600-Lb. Life will be broadcast on May 15 2024 on TLC at 6:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Ashley B’s Story Part 1” Episode New?

The Ashley B’s Story Part 1 episode of My 600-Lb. Life is all new!

My 600-Lb. Life Ashley B’s Story Part 1 Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Younan Nowzaradan

Ashley B’s Story Part 1 Episode Videos & Previews

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My 600-Lb. Life Series Information

Telling powerful stories in hourlong episodes, TLC follows medical journeys of morbidly obese people as they attempt to save their own lives. The featured individuals - each weighing more than 600 pounds (42 stones - confront lifelong emotional and physical struggles as they make the courageous decision to undergo high-risk gastric bypass surgery. In addition to drastically changing their appearances, they hope to reclaim their independence, mend relationships with friends and family, and renew their feelings of self-worth.

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