Intervention “Melissa” S25E4 June 10 2024 on A&E

On Monday June 10 2024, A&E broadcasts Intervention!

Melissa Season 25 Episode 4 Episode Summary

Get ready for a gripping episode of “Intervention” as Season 25 continues with an intense and heart-wrenching story in Episode 4 titled “Melissa.” Airing soon, viewers will be drawn into the tragic journey of nineteen-year-old Melissa, whose life takes a devastating turn after a series of harrowing experiences.

Once a star athlete with a passion for volunteering, Melissa’s life takes a drastic detour as she experiments with drugs and alcohol. However, her downward spiral intensifies when she becomes a victim of sexual assault, plunging her into the dark and dangerous world of sex trafficking.

In this emotionally charged episode, viewers will witness Melissa’s struggles as she grapples with addiction, trauma, and the devastating impact of exploitation. With her life hanging in the balance, Melissa’s loved ones stage a desperate intervention in a last-ditch effort to save her from the clutches of her demons.

Join A&E as “Intervention” shines a light on Melissa’s harrowing journey, shedding light on the realities of addiction, trauma, and the devastating consequences of sex trafficking. Don’t miss Episode 4 of Season 25 airing soon, as Melissa’s story unfolds with raw emotion, powerful storytelling, and a message of hope amidst despair. Tune in to witness the power of love, intervention, and the resilience of the human spirit.

What Time is the “Melissa” Episode On?

The Melissa episode of Intervention will be broadcast on June 10 2024 on A&E at 8:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Melissa” Episode New?

The Melissa episode of Intervention is all new!

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With seemingly every other Hollywood celebrity checking him or herself into or out of a recovery center, this reality series has a timely feel with its depiction of addicts and the impact their illness has on those around them, resulting in an inevitable if uncomfortable intervention.

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