On Thin Ice: Putin v Greenpeace S1E6 11 June 2024 on BBC Two

On Tuesday 11 June 2024, BBC Two broadcasts On Thin Ice: Putin v Greenpeace!

Season 1 Episode 6 Episode Summary

In this episode of “On Thin Ice: Putin v Greenpeace” on BBC Two, the media campaign led by Greenpeace spreads worldwide, but faces challenges in Russia. The Arctic 30 activists struggle to gain press coverage in the country. However, a turning point comes when Sir Paul McCartney writes a letter to Putin, urging for the release of the Arctic 30.

The efforts pay off as the story of the Arctic 30 gains significant attention across Russia. The initial piracy charges against the activists are changed to hooliganism, leading Greenpeace to make another appeal for bail. As tension rises, the judge briefly leaves the courtroom to take a phone call, eventually granting bail to the activists.

This episode showcases the perseverance of Greenpeace in their mission, highlighting the complexities and obstacles they face in their fight for environmental justice. Tune in to witness the unfolding drama and the activists’ continued efforts to make a difference in the face of adversity.

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of On Thin Ice: Putin v Greenpeace will be broadcast on June 11 2024 on BBC Two at 9:30 PM.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of On Thin Ice: Putin v Greenpeace is all new!

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On Thin Ice: Putin v Greenpeace Series Information

The story of a daring protest in 2013 on a Russian oil rig that goes terrifyingly wrong as Putin defends his oil at all costs. Shots are fired, and the protesters are thrown into a Russian jail.

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