Ciao House “Happy Birthday, Mom!” S2E7 June 12 2024 on Food Network

On Wednesday June 12 2024, Food Network broadcasts Ciao House!

Happy Birthday, Mom! Season 2 Episode 7 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Ciao House,” titled “Happy Birthday, Mom!”, Judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Gabe Bertaccini present a challenging task to the six remaining chefs. The chefs are tasked with creating three dishes using charcuterie board ingredients, with one dish specifically required to be a dessert. The pressure is on as the chefs must showcase their culinary skills and creativity to impress the judges.

Viewers can expect to see intense competition among the chefs as they strive to stand out with their unique interpretations of the charcuterie board challenge. From savory appetizers to delectable desserts, each chef must carefully craft their dishes to balance flavors and presentation. The judges will be looking for innovation, technique, and, most importantly, delicious flavors in the chefs’ creations.

As the episode unfolds, tensions rise in the “Ciao House” kitchen as the chefs race against the clock to complete their dishes. With only six chefs remaining, every decision and every flavor combination could make or break their chances of staying in the competition. Who will rise to the occasion and impress Judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Gabe Bertaccini with their charcuterie-inspired creations? Tune in to find out in this exciting episode of “Ciao House: Happy Birthday, Mom!” on Food Network.

What Time is the “Happy Birthday, Mom!” Episode On?

The Happy Birthday, Mom! episode of Ciao House will be broadcast on June 12 2024 on Food Network at 2:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Happy Birthday, Mom!” Episode New?

The Happy Birthday, Mom! episode of Ciao House is all new!

Ciao House Happy Birthday, Mom! Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Alex Guarnaschelli
Gabriele Bertaccini

Happy Birthday, Mom! Episode Videos & Previews

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Ciao House Series Information

Ten rising culinary stars live together in a breathtaking Italian villa and compete against each other as individuals and in teams to prove their mastery of Italian cooking techniques and dishes. Described as "Big Brother" meets "Under the Tuscan Sun," the participants must also navigate alliances and rivalries as they pick their own teams. Each week, the losing team must vote off one of their own. In the end, only the last chef standing wins the life-changing grand prize: an immersive culinary education across Italy, training with renowned Italian master chefs.

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