The Tiny Chef Show “Dino Cake” S2 June 12 2024 on Nickelodeon

On Wednesday June 12 2024, Nickelodeon broadcasts The Tiny Chef Show!

Dino Cake Season 2 Episode Summary

In this episode of “The Tiny Chef Show” titled “Dino Cake,” viewers are in for a delightful treat. The storyline revolves around Olly’s desire to bake a simple cake for her Dinosaur Club. However, Chef, in his usual style, adds his unique touch to complicate the recipe. This leads to a fun and entertaining adventure in the kitchen.

As Olly and Chef embark on the baking journey, viewers can expect to see the usual banter between the two characters. Olly’s determination to keep things simple clashes with Chef’s creative and sometimes eccentric ideas. The dynamic between the characters adds humor and excitement to the episode, keeping viewers engaged throughout.

With the theme of a Dino Cake, audiences can look forward to seeing how Chef incorporates dinosaur-inspired elements into the recipe. From creative decorations to innovative baking techniques, viewers will be taken on a culinary adventure that is both educational and entertaining. Tune in to “The Tiny Chef Show” on Nickelodeon to witness the magic unfold in the kitchen as Olly and Chef navigate the challenges of baking the perfect Dino Cake.

What Time is the “Dino Cake” Episode On?

The Dino Cake episode of The Tiny Chef Show will be broadcast on June 12 2024 on Nickelodeon at 3:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Dino Cake” Episode New?

The Dino Cake episode of The Tiny Chef Show is all new!

The Tiny Chef Show Dino Cake Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Matt Hutchinson as Tiny Chef
Fred Tatasciore as Disco Ball
Kevin Michael Richardson as Giant Cook

Dino Cake Episode Videos & Previews

Watch The Tiny Chef Show Dino Cake Online

The Tiny Chef Show Series Information

Tiny Chef, a social media sensation and herbivore, introduces and cooks new recipes for tiny plant-based dishes from his tree-stump home.

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