Yukee “The Fly Past” S1E29 12 June 2024 on CBeebies

On Wednesday 12 June 2024, CBeebies broadcasts Yukee!

The Fly Past Season 1 Episode 29 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Yukee” titled “The Fly Past,” airing on CBeebies, young viewers are in for an adventure as the gang prepares for the annual migration of geese. Led by Sonny, the group learns of a special way to interact with the geese by mimicking their calls, sparking excitement and curiosity among the friends.

As they set out to find the perfect sound to attract the attention of the geese, the gang embarks on a quest filled with discovery and exploration. With each attempt to mimic the calls of the geese, they eagerly anticipate the possibility of witnessing the majestic display as the birds fly past on their journey south.

Join the gang on CBeebies for an enchanting episode of “Yukee” as they immerse themselves in the wonders of nature and the beauty of the annual goose migration. Don’t miss this heartwarming tale of friendship, discovery, and the magic of the natural world.

What Time is the “The Fly Past” Episode On?

The The Fly Past episode of Yukee will be broadcast on June 12 2024 on CBeebies at 3:30 PM.

Is the “The Fly Past” Episode New?

The The Fly Past episode of Yukee is all new!

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Yukee Series Information

Children's animation following the adventures of a six-year-old ukulele-playing girl in a magical garden filled with musical animal friends.

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