Inmate to Roommate “That Was All a Lie” S2E6 July 11 2024 on A&E

On Thursday July 11 2024, A&E broadcasts Inmate to Roommate!

That Was All a Lie Season 2 Episode 6 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Inmate to Roommate” titled “That Was All a Lie,” viewers will see Emily attempting to help Jason secure a job. However, Jason’s past behaviors start causing friction with his new roommate, leading to unexpected challenges. The dynamics between Emily and Jason will be put to the test as they navigate the complexities of their evolving relationship.

Meanwhile, former inmate Aaron will have an emotional reunion with his daughter. However, the path to rebuilding their bond is far from smooth, as they both grapple with past hurts and struggles. Viewers can expect a poignant exploration of forgiveness and redemption as Aaron and his daughter confront their shared past and attempt to move forward together.

Additionally, Jennifer finds herself in a desperate situation, pleading to return to Cyndi’s house. The tension escalates as Cathy meets with Deven, resulting in a confrontation that promises to bring intense emotions to the surface. As the characters face their own personal challenges and conflicts, viewers will be taken on a rollercoaster of emotions in this gripping episode of “Inmate to Roommate.”

What Time is the “That Was All a Lie” Episode On?

The That Was All a Lie episode of Inmate to Roommate will be broadcast on July 11 2024 on A&E at 10:01 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “That Was All a Lie” Episode New?

The That Was All a Lie episode of Inmate to Roommate is all new!

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Inmate to Roommate Series Information

Recently released inmates reenter society and move in with people who are welcoming them into their homes. This practice has been the subject of reentry programs aimed at stopping recidivism. America has one of the world's highest recidivism rates with approximately 76% of released prisoners being arrested again after five years. One of the most significant factors in reducing recidivism rates is access to housing. Both the former inmates and their respective roommates enter this new living arrangement with their own baggage. The opportunities and the challenges are complex as they each face scrutiny from friends and family questioning their motives.

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  1. I truly enjoyed watching this docu-drama reality show, which addressed the problems of prison recidivism rates. My favorite and most sincere casr member are rock nroll TN pastors and David school teacher from MN.

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