The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch “In and Out” S4E12 July 18 2023 on History

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Tonight (Tuesday July 18 2023), History broadcasts an episode of the series The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch!

In and Out Season 4 Episode 12 Episode Summary

In this installment, the team embarks on a daring rocket and helicopter experiment that holds the potential to validate an ancient legend surrounding Skinwalker Ranch.

As the episode unfolds, viewers will witness the team’s audacious attempt to capture undeniable evidence of the phenomena that have plagued Skinwalker Ranch for years. Armed with cutting-edge technology, expert researchers, and unwavering determination, the team aims to push the boundaries of scientific understanding and shed light on the enigmatic occurrences that have perplexed experts and captivated audiences worldwide.

During the rocket and helicopter experiment, the team finds themselves in the midst of a mesmerizing phenomenon, one that could potentially serve as confirmation of an age-old legend associated with the mysterious Skinwalker Ranch. As they analyze the data and meticulously examine their findings, they endeavor to unravel the truth behind the ancient lore and uncover the secrets that lie within the ranch’s enigmatic boundaries.

What Time is the “In and Out” Episode On?

The In and Out episode of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch will be broadcast on July 18 2023 on History at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “In and Out” Episode New?

The In and Out episode of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is all new!

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch In and Out Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Brandon Fugal
Travis S. Taylor
Bryant Arnold
Jim Segala
Tom Winterton
Jim Morse

In and Out Episode Videos & Previews

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The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Series Information

Skinwalker Ranch and the surrounding area have been referred to as "UFO alley" since the 1950s when numerous anomalous events and strange activity began occurring. A team of scientists and experts conducts a thorough and daring search of the infamous 512-acre property in Utah's Uinta Basin in an attempt to find out the answers behind more than 200 years of UFO sightings, strange animal mutations, and paranormal related mysteries. Scientists use the latest in cutting-edge technology, like ground-penetrating radar and drones, to seek shocking discoveries.

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