The Big D “The Big Manipulator” S1E7 July 26 2023 on USA

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Tonight (Wednesday July 26 2023), USA broadcasts an episode of the series The Big D!

The Big Manipulator Season 1 Episode 7 Episode Summary

In this episode, the dynamics between the couples take center stage as their journeys unfold. One couple’s bond deepens, and their connection is elevated to a whole new level. Sparks fly as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of their relationship, leaving viewers eager to see what the future holds for them.

However, on the flip side, tensions rise as another couple’s relationship begins to crumble. Emotional conflicts and external pressures put a strain on their connection, leading to a breaking point.

What Time is the “The Big Manipulator” Episode On?

The The Big Manipulator episode of The Big D will be broadcast on July 26 2023 on USA at 10:01 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “The Big Manipulator” Episode New?

The The Big Manipulator episode of The Big D is all new!

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The Big D Series Information

USA Network says "I do" to six divorced couples as they meet in Costa Rica for a second chance at love. Hosted by dating show successfuls JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rogers, "The Big D" invites divorced couples into a tropical villa where they will pursue a second chance at love by dating the other divorcees in the house. Some romance hopefuls look to rekindle with their ex while others are eager to find a connection elsewhere. No matter the motive, there's a shared desire to find closure and a guarantee for drama as they watch their exes form new bonds. In each episode, Fletcher, Rogers and resident relationship expert Dr. Jada guide the divorcees through their search for romance, overseeing revealing relationship "ex-ercises" designed to help the singles form connections, make peace with their former partners and finally overcome the issues keeping them from getting back in the game. Winning an "ex-ercise" will lead to a romantic date and safety from the upcoming elimination.

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