The Wall “Turquoise and Donald” S5E12 November 10 2023 on NBC

Tonight (Friday November 10 2023), NBC broadcasts an episode of the series The Wall!

Turquoise and Donald Season 5 Episode 12 Episode Summary

In this episode of “The Wall,” viewers are in for an exciting and suspenseful evening as a new pair steps up to take on the towering wall of challenges. Turquoise and her husband, Donald, proudly represent Durham, N.C., in this high-stakes showdown.

“The Wall” is known for its thrilling format, and this episode is no exception. Turquoise and Donald will face a series of questions and tasks, each with the potential to either boost their winnings or pose a risk to their fortunes. The wall itself is a towering, unpredictable opponent, and the couple’s choices will determine their fate.

As the game progresses, Turquoise and Donald will rely on their knowledge, strategy, and a fair amount of luck to navigate the challenges. Every decision they make could have a significant impact on the outcome, making each moment filled with tension and anticipation.

What Time is the “Turquoise and Donald” Episode On?

The Turquoise and Donald episode of The Wall will be broadcast on November 10 2023 on NBC at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Turquoise and Donald” Episode New?

The Turquoise and Donald episode of The Wall is all new!

The Wall Turquoise and Donald Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Chris Hardwick

Turquoise and Donald Episode Videos & Previews

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The Wall Series Information

Everyday people battle a variety of trivia questions and a 40-foot wall for a chance to win millions of dollars. Each pair of deserving contestants, from siblings to spouses to best friends, has a plan to use the life-changing winnings for good things. But defeating the wall is no easy feat. Executive producer LeBron James' game is a true test of both knowledge and poise. With momentary changes between fortune and failure, the outcome is as unpredictable as the bounce of the ball.

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