Final Jeopardy 12/2/23 (Famous Animals) & Who Won December 2 2023

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Get the latest scoop on everything you need to know about today’s repeat Jeopardy! episode airing on Saturday, December 2 2023!

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Today’s Final Jeopardy – Saturday, December 2 2023

Today's Final Jeopardy
Famous Animals - In September 1964 the New York Times announced the passing of this pet, a gift “used as a symbol of honesty in 1952”

Today’s Final Jeopardy Answer – Saturday, December 2 2023

Final Jeopardy Answer
Who is Checkers?

Today’s Results & Who Won Jeopardy! Tonight – Saturday, December 2 2023

Returning ChampionContestantContestant
Cindy Zhang
New York, New York
User Experience Designer

Final Score: $6,800
Round 2 Score: $6,800
Round 1 Score: $2,000
Aaron Gulyas
Grand Blanc, Michigan
Community College History Instructor

Final Score: $5,600
Round 2 Score: $2,800
Round 1 Score: $3,000
Jessica Stephens
Nashville, Tennessee
Statistical Research Specialist

Winning Score: $20,100
Round 2 Score: $17,100
Round 1 Score: $5,400

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