Peppa Pig “Mr Bull Is Getting Married” S8E14 March 25 2024 on Nickelodeon

On Monday March 25 2024, Nickelodeon broadcasts an episode of the series Peppa Pig!

Mr Bull Is Getting Married Season 8 Episode 14 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Peppa Pig” on Nickelodeon, viewers are in for a charming and lighthearted adventure as the beloved animated pig, Peppa, embarks on another delightful journey of exploration. Titled “Mr. Bull Is Getting Married,” the episode promises to captivate young audiences with its whimsical storytelling and lovable characters.

As Peppa and her friends navigate the world around them, they stumble upon the exciting news that Mr. Bull, a familiar face in their community, is preparing to tie the knot. The anticipation and excitement surrounding Mr. Bull’s upcoming wedding provide the perfect backdrop for a series of heartwarming and humorous encounters.

Join Peppa and her friends as they celebrate love, friendship, and new beginnings in this special episode of “Peppa Pig” on Nickelodeon. With its endearing characters and positive messages, “Mr. Bull Is Getting Married” is sure to delight audiences of all ages and remind them of the joy found in life’s simple moments. Don’t miss out on the fun as Peppa Pig continues to enchant viewers with her adventures in the colorful world of animation.

What Time is the “Mr Bull Is Getting Married” Episode On?

The Mr Bull Is Getting Married episode of Peppa Pig will be broadcast on March 25 2024 on Nickelodeon at 9:00 AM at ET/PT.

Is the “Mr Bull Is Getting Married” Episode New?

The Mr Bull Is Getting Married episode of Peppa Pig is all new!

Peppa Pig Mr Bull Is Getting Married Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Morwenna Banks as Mummy Pig
Harley Bird as Peppa Pig
Richard Ridings as Daddy Pig
Oliver May as George Pig
John Sparkes as Narrator
Lily Snowden-Fine as Peppa Pig
David Graham as Grandpa Pig
Sarah Ann Kennedy as Miss Rabbit
Frances White as Granny Pig
Meg Hall as Suzy Sheep

Mr Bull Is Getting Married Episode Videos & Previews

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Peppa Pig Series Information

Long-running children's series following the adventures, mishaps and friendships of Peppa Pig, her brother George, their parents, and the other animal families who make up their town. Each family is a different species of animal, and Peppa's friends include Rebecca Rabbit, Suzy Sheep and Candy Cat. Each episode features a new adventure, and storylines often help children to understand new emotions and experiences they themselves might encounter growing up.

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