A&E After Dark S5E6 4 April 2024 on 5*

On Thursday 4 April 2024, 5* broadcasts an episode of the series A&E After Dark!

Season 5 Episode 6 Episode Summary

In this episode of “A&E After Dark” on 5*, viewers are immersed into the intense and often unpredictable world of the nightshift at the hospital. As the dedicated staff navigate through the late hours, they are confronted with a series of challenging cases that test their skills and resolve.

From managing cases of drunkenness in the cubicles to treating the victim of a dog attack, the healthcare professionals must remain calm under pressure as they provide critical care to those in need. Additionally, the team faces the urgent task of attending to a patient brought into resus via ambulance in a diabetic coma, highlighting the diverse range of medical emergencies they encounter.

Join the frontline workers of “A&E After Dark” as they work tirelessly to provide life-saving treatment and support to patients during the night shift. With its raw and unfiltered portrayal of emergency medical care, this episode offers a compelling insight into the demanding and essential work of healthcare professionals in the overnight hours on 5*.

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of A&E After Dark will be broadcast on April 4 2024 on 5* at 8:00 PM.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of A&E After Dark is all new!

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Lifting the lid on the night shift as experienced by "A&E" workers, with exclusive access to Hull Royal Infirmary; the night-time challenges facing NHS staff are captured in their raw form.

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